Observation of World Immunization Week

Event Date: 
April 24, 2015 - 10:00am to April 30, 2015 - 5:00am

For the first time in Bangladesh World Immunization Week (WIW) has been observed from 24th April-30th April 2015 by, Immunization Platform of Civil Society in Bangladesh (IPCSB) along with EPI, Dhaka City Corporations, WHO, UNICEF and other stakeholders. This year’s campaign focuses on closing the immunization gap and reaching equity in immunization levels as outlined in the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP).


a. Association for Prevention of Septic Abortion, Bangladesh (BAPSA)

BAPSA one of IPCSB’s member organization, organized two root level community meetings on WIW at Boubazer, PHCC, Lalbagh & Kalunagar ,  Hazaribagh, with community people; emphasizing on importance of vaccination, mechanism of action of  vaccines, EPI schedule, result of incomplete vaccination etc. In discussion seminar at the central level at Khalil Sardar Community Center, Hazribagh, Dr. Mir Mustafizur Rahman, HO, DSCC was invited as Chief Guest and Dr. Fahmida as Special Guest and discussed about new Vaccines PCV&IPV, 10 vaccine preventable infectious diseases, closing the immunization gap etc.  At the end of the seminar with the community people a quiz contest also took place and it was found that Knowledge and information about Immunization of participants are Satisfactory. They also set up a “Theater for development “on importance of immunization at Kalunagar ,  Hazaribagh during the WIW.


b. Khulna Mukti Seba Sangstha (KMSS)

WIW activities celebrated by KMSS are three root level campaign at Majed Sardar Clinic; Alubdi Satellite Clinic and Duaripara Slum satellite clinic; where they informed the pregnant mother and mother having under two years child about importance of vaccination, consequences of incomplete vaccination, exclusive breast feeding for six months (as because colostrums is the first immunization of a child) and complementary food with breast feeding for two years. Around 45 to 50 numbers of pregnant and lactating mothers participated in each program. In discussion seminar at central level at -2/A Pallabi Extension, 40 participant were present, including 5 school teachers, 5 Imams, 15 pregnant mothers and 15 mothers with under two child and was deliberated on importance of the immunization, vaccine preventable diseases, schedule of the vaccines, importance of vitamin-A for children and mother etc. Brig. Gen. Dr. AKM Masood Ahsan, CHO, DNCC was invited as Chief Guest and  Dr. SK Roy, Chairman IPCSB & Chairperson BBF was invited as special Guest, where they deliberated speech on current scenario of immunization program in Bangladesh and importance of raising awareness in the community about immunization.TFD at Duaripara Bazar on importance of immunization was one of the strategies KMSS of raising awareness.


c. Radda MCH-FP Centre

Radda MCH-FP Centre under the umbrella of IPCSB conducted two root level mass gatherings at Bawniabadh Block B, ward 5 and Uttar Kalsi, ward 2; with participation of about 300 community stake holders, teachers and parents; bringing attention on dropout, left out and invalid dose to close the immunization gap. The discussion seminar at the central level at Radda MCH-FP Centre was presided by Dr. S. M. Mohiuddin Kamal and about and about 55 participants including community stake holders, parents, teachers, Imams, collaborative partners was present. Brig. Gen. A. K. M. Masood Ahsan, CHO, DNCC was present as Chief Guest and presented over view of EPI activities in Bangladesh, EPI coverage, role of IPCSB in closing immunization gap etc. TFD program on minimization at Bawniabadh Block-B and Uttar Kalsion was also part of their WIW campaigning program; where about 300 community people enjoyed the theater and actively participated during the audience interaction.

d) Unity Through Population Service (UTPS)

UTPS with the objective of creating awareness among the community people, on EPI and valid dose of vaccine organized two root level group meeting at city coloney slum  under PHCC-1, Neki Barir Tek and Pora Basti under PHCC-2, Kallayanpur; where Importance of EPI, EPI schedule, EPI card, importance of exclusive breastfeeding was discussed. Total 122 participants including Community leaders, Mothers and UTPS field level staffs attended the session. In Neki Barir Tek, Horirumpur Road, Mazar Road UTPS conducted central level discussion seminar with 65 Participants and they were briefed about EPI doses, time schedule of vaccines, valid doses, EPI Card etc. and at the end of this seminar an open discussion session was held with the participants. During the week UTPS sponsored theater group “MA Foundation Bangladesh” for presenting a drama on EPI at Bou Bazar Basti under PHCC-5, Kafrul and around 225 people enjoyed the theater.

e) Nari Maitree

Under this WIW Nari Maitree arranged two root level program for awareness building on 599 Bara Moghbazar and Aziz Khan Road, Krishi Market, Mohammodpur, with in total 100 lactating mother and their under one year children; TFD on immunization at two places of Sattala bostee with about 200 women, men and children and discussion Seminar in the central level of the organization at 599 Bara Moghbazar office conference room with 50 participant including 8 teacher, 5 Imam, 4 health worker from other NGOs, 12 community leaders, 13 pregnant mothers. Vaccine preventable diseases, importance of vaccination, no. and name of the  vaccines, vaccine schedule, new vaccines on EPI program, valid and invalid doses, causes of invalid doses, dropout children, left out children and others related issues were discussed in these WIW campaign programs.

f) Population Services & Training Center (PSTC)

PSTC conducted two root level sensitizing meeting on importance of immunization with community stake holders at Al helal Zone of PA-4, Mugda &  at DIT Plot Gandaria of PA-1, PSTC; around 50-60 participant were present in each meeting. On Central Level meeting at Bash boo Community Center Dr. Noor Mohammad, ED, PSTC; CHO, DSCC, Brig Gen Mahbubur Rahman as chief guest; Dr. S. K Roy, Chairperson, IPCSB as special guest was present and participants (ANC & PNC mothers under PSTC’s working area) were  sensitized by a brief presentation on Immunization. On importance of immunization a drama show and a feedback session on show completion were organized by PSTC at Ahmedbagh, Balurmath to promote WIW.

g) Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM)

To celebrate WIW DAM organized a discussion meeting with the support of IPCSB; at conference room, PHCC-2, DNCC PA-5, Uttara; where representatives of all the health care institute at uttara under DAM was present and in open discussion they tried to ascertain the reasons behind this gap. DAM also organized two root level meetings on WIW at the conference room, PHCC-2, DNCC PA-5, Uttara and PHCC-3, DNCC PA-5, faidabad, Uttara emphasizing on immunization service and activity. Vaccinator, volunteer, community leader and community peoples were the participants in this meeting. To increase mass awareness on immunization service DAM organized a street drama on dokinkhan, Uttara named “Jontrona’’ along with which they have provided different messages on adverse affects of incomplete  immunization, invalid dose, drop out etc. and around 300 people enjoyed the program.


h. Bangladesh Association for Maturational and Neonatal Health (BAMANEH)

BAMANEH arranged three root level Meetings at Nakhalpara SH Clinic, 466/1, Shahinbag, Tejgoan, where 80 ANC & PNC mothers with their infants were oriented on vaccine preventable diseases, important of vaccination, consequences of incomplete vaccination etc. Discussion seminar was organized at COAST Auditorium Metro Melody, Road # 2, Shyamoli, where 58 participants including clinic staffs, Service Promoter and the members of Satellite Support Group were present. Prof. (Dr.) Anowar-ul- Azim, President, BAMANEH and Prof (Dr.) Sadiqa Tahera Khanam, VP BAMANEH was also present in the seminar and the total immunization program and its necessity was explained. During the WIW MA FOUNDATION BANGLADESH (Natak group) was hired by BAMANEH to present a “Pathanatak” on immunization, in front of the BAMANEH SH clinic; where above 300 people enjoyed the drama.


i. Swanirvar Bangladesh

Swanirvar Bangladesh conducted three root level Meetings at Govt. Pike Para Primary School with 66 participants including pregnant women, lactating mother, teachers and community people; Zohurimahalla Smiling Sun Clinic with  83 participants including ANC, PNC & ENC mothers,  fathers of the children, adolescents, local stakeholders, representatives of SHCSG, clinic staff’s and Rajabazer Smiling Sun Clinic with 51 participants including mothers of infants and young child, teachers and other representatives from the Community. All these meetings were accentuated on the main theme of WIW-2015, objectives of IPCSB and importance and schedule of EPI and TT Vaccine. 92 participants including ANC & PNC mothers, fathers, newly married couple, adolescents, local stakeholders, GOB representatives, representatives of SHCSG, clinic Staff’s and Executives of Swanirvar Bangladesh was present in the discussion seminer at the central level at Adabor Surjer Hashi Clinic and importance of WIW, objectives of IPCSB, importance and schedule of EPI and TT Vaccination was briefed and at the end of this seminar a question-answer session was performed. A theatre was performed at Chander Hat Playground in front of Zohurimahalla Smiling Sun Clinic by Aparajeo Bangla Cultural Group with essential messages on importance of Vaccination, schedule of Vaccination and TT vaccine.



During the WIW BRAC organized four community mobilization meetings at Jamai Bazar and Bou Bazar of Korail Slum, to increase awareness of communities on immunization; with 119 participants in total including pregnant mothers, mothers of reproductive age and mothers of young children. Unlike other IPCSB members, BRAC organized two School meetings at at Korail slum with 53 participants; where they discussed about importance of Immunization, dosage, schedule, where to go for immunization etc.

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